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Uhh… why so many customers… and why today?” You muttered as you slowly walked to your shared house.

At your work earlier, there were more people coming than usual and then you were forced to work more. Well, you couldn’t blame the people for coming, but you were not in a prime state today. Since midday, you felt tired for unknown reason. You felt your eye lids were heavy and your eyes and breath were hot. They’re symptoms for fever for you.

However, you didn’t really care about it and continued your work, serving the customers until the end. When you arrived in front of your door, you grabbed the knob and turned it but it was still locked.

“Hm? Strange… He should be home earlier than me,” you said. Oliver didn’t have part time work like you did. After college, he would be in the house, doing house chores and cooking for dinner. It was already 6 p.m. ‘Maybe he went to Al’s,’ you thought. You then grabbed your keys and opened the door. It was still dark inside. You switched on the lights and did everything you usually did and finally sat on the couch. You looked at the clock.


And Oliver still wasn’t home. You started to worry. Where was he? When would he be home? Was he safe? Oh god, you started to worry like a mother. He was not a child anymore, you knew, but he was still child-like. You picked your phone and looked at it. No text or call from him. Of course you had texted him earlier but no reply.

“Where does he go? To Al’s? Matt’s? Francois? Yang? No, no…” you fiddled with your phone for a while then decided to text both Al and Matt about Oliver’s where about. After sending them your message, you held the phone tight as you prayed that he’s with one of them. While you waited for reply, you watched the television.

When the show you were watching ended, you picked the phone and looked at the screen. You sighed, no reply. It was 23:00 already. “Oh my god… where… where is he?” you muttered. Your heart beat faster and you cold sweated. If anything happened to him… No, no.. don’t think like that… you started to think for the worst. You looked at the door, hoping him to open the door and greet you with his smile.

You waited for some minutes… nothing came.

You yawned, and you started to feel exhausted and heated up. You almost forgot about your fatigue. I’d better go to bed before it gets worse.’ You got up with the rest of your power and walked slowly to your bed room. You threw yourself to the bed and looked at the phone screen the last time. “Nothing…” you whispered and covered yourself with blanket then drifted to sleep.

~ Meanwhile ~

“Al, please! Please! I beg of you! Just one night!”

“Fuck no! My house is not a fucking hotel! You got your damn house so just go home already!” Al responded as he sat on his couch, with his legs on the table.

“No Swearing! And I can’t go home! (name) can’t see me like this…” Oliver said.

Al glanced and scanned him for a sec. Oliver’s neck and shoulder were bandaged since college time by the nurse there. He was a mess now. Al spat and said, “(name) will be fucking worried about you, you know that. She even texted me asking your where about,” he said.

“What?! Don’t tell me you texted her back, telling her that I’m in your house?!”

Al just silent and got up to go to his room. Oliver looked at him and didn’t say anything. He thought about Al’s words. He knew very well that you would worry, it’s your nature. Moreover, you had known his issues about being bullied before. When he thought, Al suddenly called him and he lifted his head to see him on the staircase.

“Just don’t forget to tell doll face. Do what you fucking want, I don’t care anymore.” And he went.

Oliver smiled happily that his step brother allowed him to stay. He then thought of his words about texting you. He picked his phone and saw the clock, it was 23:23. There’s no way (name) still awake, he thought. But no matter, he sent a message, telling you that he stayed the night at Al’s and would be back in the morning. After sending it, he went to the guest room and slept.

~ time skip ~

The chirps of birds woke you up in the morning. You moaned and flipped your body to the side and opened your eyes slowly. When you saw there was nothing beside you, you felt disappointed and sad. He didn’t come home for the night. You sat and touched your forehead with your hand. It was not as hot as the previous night and you felt better after you slept.

You reached for your phone and looked at the screen. One message. You became fully woken up and opened the message. It said: ‘(Name), I’m sorry I didn’t text you. I’m at Al’s house and I have to stay over because I have to finish my assignments. Again, I’m sorry. I’ll be back at 9 in the morning.’

You sighed in relief, at least he was safe and he’d be back shortly. You got up and went downstairs, went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for both you and Oliver. You looked forward to seeing him.

After you cooked, you waited for him, sitting on a chair next to your dining table. When you heard the door being opened, you practically jumped from your chair and went to hug him. “Oliver!”

Oliver gritted his teeth and wrapped you with his hands, hugging you back, “I’m home, poppet. Sorry for yesterday.

“You should have texted me. I was so worried,” you muttered as you bury your head on his neck.


You immediately pulled your head away and looked at him as if asking ‘Why?’

He also looked into your eyes and spoke before you asked, “It’s okay. It’s just that I slept in the wrong position last night.”

You raised a brow, asking ‘Really?’ without speaking.

He just smiled and nodded, releasing the hug. You also did the same and saw him walked pass you to the kitchen, “Oo~ you’ve prepared breakfast! They look delicious! Come on, poppet, let’s eat!”

You followed him to the dining table and sat across him then you started to eat.

When you were finished, you cleaned up. As you cleaned up, well since you ate actually, you would glance at him for a while then back to what you did. You looked at him all over, from bottom to top. You would steal glances to his arms and hands. You would never forget about that event, when he was bullied and his arms were mess. You couldn’t see his arms if you didn’t slide his sleeves.

“Poppet! The water! Water!” he shouted.

You quickly looked back to the sink. “Oh my god!” The sink was full of water and it was spilled down to the floor. You quickly turned off the tap and went to get a pile of fabrics and cleaned it. Oliver also helped to clean the water on the floor.

While you were wiping the water from the counter you accidentally saw Oliver’s back as he was wiping the water on the floor and something caught your eyes. On his back neck were… bruises? Wait, was that even real? But it was so clear on his fair skin. Why you didn’t see it before? Oh, his hair covered it when he stood… When you wanted to touch it, he suddenly lifted his head and looked at you. Of course you quickly pulled our hand.

“Hm? What is it, poppet?” he asked, looking at you with confused face.

“… nothing,” you simply replied.

He then looked down again, continuing his work and you did the same. When it was finished, he picked his bag and went upstairs to your shared room. You followed him until you entered the room. Your eyes were locked on his neck along the way that you bumped to his back when he stopped to open the door.

“Humph!” “Akh!”

You took some steps backwards as you rubbed your face. “Poppet, are you okay?” you heard him asked. “I’m fine. Don’t worry,” you replied. You looked at his face and if you weren’t mistaken, you heard him screamed in pain before. Usually, the one who was bumped wouldn’t scream anything, right?

“What about you?” you asked.

“Huh? Oh, of course I’m fine.” And he entered the room.

~ little time skip ~

Now you were ready to sleep. You were in your pajamas and in your shared room. You were sitting in the bed, waiting for your boyfriend to go out from the bathroom. Your thoughts were still dominated by Oliver’s neck and behaviors. You didn’t want to think negatively but you couldn’t help it. When he was out from the bathroom you looked at him and he looked at you.

“(name), can I ask you something?”

“What? Oh, uh, Of course! Sure!”

“Why are you staring at me like that? You’ve been doing it all day long.”

“Uh…” you were hesitant. Should you just ask him what was in your mind? Or distract him with another topic? “Uh… really? I don’t even realize it, haha..” you mentally hit yourself for bad poker face.

He got into the bed, beside you, and caressed you cheek, “Love, please tell me what’s wrong. I don’t like seeing you like this…” he said.

You held his hand and looked into his blue eyes. They really showed you how much he wanted you to spill whatever in your mind. You sighed in defeat and motioned him to get closer to you. He did. When he got closer to you, you put your hand behind his neck and pressed it against his skin. That’s when everything became clear.

“Ow ow ow ow, s-stop it!”

You released your hand and looked into his eyes, which showed pain.

“Can you please explain to me what this is?” you asked as you lightly touch the bruise.

“I-It’s just because I—“

“Slept in a wrong position? No I don’t think so, Oliver. Tell me, did they do it again?!” you raised your voice. You lightly caress his neck to his shoulder. You could feel his skin was bruised.

Oliver didn’t respond, just fiddling with the tip of his clothes and looked down. Now it was certain that they did it again. How could they?! After saying they wouldn’t beat him again?! You were angry and really want to do something to that bastard.

“Fine. Open your shirt, you know what I’m gonna do,” you said as you hopped off the bed to take everything you needed. Once you had everything. You returned to treat him. Started from his neck to his shoulder ten his back were bruised. Even though they were not obvious on his skin, when you pressed it a bit, he’d winced.

After it’s done, you both were ready to sleep and you told him, “For now just sleep well and rest, you don’t have classes tomorrow, right?” and he nodded. “ ‘kay, good night.”

“Good night.”

~ time skip again . . . ~

Today, you had decided to go to his college and faced that bastard who bullied your boyfriend, Luciano. Even after he ‘said’ that he wouldn’t beat Oliver again, he still did it. You woke up earlier than Oliver and didn’t even care about your class for the day. You went to his college alone even though you didn’t know what would happen.

When you arrived, you went around, searching for Al or Matt but you didn’t find them. You didn’t know their schedules and just came to the college. While you were searching, your fatigue took over again, but you ignored it. You had something more important to do.

~ Luciano’s POV ~

“There she is. I know she’ll come,” I said as I saw her from far. Well, I had better eye sight than anyone. “Oh, your plan succeeds. I’m surprised,” said Kuro, who was beside me. On my other side was Lutz. “Then it’s time to go with the next stage~” I sang.

I looked at her and I noticed her caught me. She stomped to me and even her face was so beautiful like that. The type I liked. The three of us just waited her to come over as we smiled. She stopped in front of me.

“Ciao, bella ragazza~ May I help you?” I teased.

“Don’t you ‘May I help you’ me, you bastard. You beat him again! You broke your promise!” you half shouted.

“Him? Who? … Oh~ The coward~ “ I smiled, it was so fun. “Scusa, bella, but I can’t help it. It’s his fault to be a coward, not mine.”

She slapped me as soon as I finished my words and was about to do something again when Lutz strained her. “Let me go!” she struggled. I lifted my hand, signaling Lutz to stop since I didn’t want to make commotion here.

“You’re so rough, bella~ That’s why I’ll have you come with me…”


“Kuro,” I called and he made her unconscious and she fell to the ground. I scanned around, no one there. I smirked and said, “Let’s take her home~ This is going to be fun.”

So.. Though I want it to be one shot in the beginning, :iconkyokosohma143: gave me ideas for this title. I like the ideas and found them really interesting for me, so I decided to write more. 
The thing is... Even though I already have some imaginations reflecting the ideas, I can't really pour it to the story. So, I apologize in advance to :iconkyokosohma143: if I disappoint you and I also thank you for the ideas.

I don't own Hetalia, 2P England, You and the picture
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