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October 8, 2013
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The sound of metal hitting the floor brought you back to reality. You felt your head dizzy, you didn't remember what had happened in the last few minutes. It's like everything went black and that sound woke you up. You looked around you... it's your house, in the kitchen. You tried to recall what had you been doing earlier, but nothing came to mind. As you breathed heavily, something reeked of iron. It was so strong you covered your nose with your hand. When you did, you felt something wet and sticky from your hand. What is it? you thought. You uncovered your nose and you were really shocked when you turned your gaze toward the palm of your hands. They were tainted with blood... true blood.

You screamed hysterically. What?! What happened?!

You ran to the sink when your foot hit something and you fell to the floor. You yelped a bit as you had your elbow held you from falling completely. Wh-What is that? You sat as your hand supported you and you looked over your shoulder to what made you fell. There laying the body of your step-uncle, covered with blood. You screamed again and crawled backward until you hit the a knife. You changed your gaze to the knife and you felt your heart jumped as you saw that the knife was also bloody. "Kyaa!"

You changed your gaze again toward you lifeless step-uncle and now everything was coming back to your mind. Just a few minutes ago, you were preparing dinner for both you and your step-uncle. When you were slicing some meat, he came home. However, it was like the previous days. He came home drunk, and as soon as he saw you he grabbed your hair and pulled you back to the floor. You got that everyday... and this day, you felt something built up from your heart. You didn't release the knife you used and as your step-uncle grabbed your shirt to beat you again, you held the knife tightly and when you faced him, you stabbed him right on the heart. His eyes stayed opened as he died so suddenly. 

Now that you recalled everything, you couldn't move your muscles. That feeling when you stabbed flesh, when his blood splashed from his body, that feeling when he was slowly fell to the ground. If you thought about all his abuses to you, you had that happiness that he was gone. But if you thought of something else, it scared you. You didn't want the police to barge in and saw this scene. You'd be jailed. You didn't want that.

You stood and ran to the door, slammed it open. Then you ran and ran... and ran... to wherever that made you free. Free from your step-uncle, free from the police, free from guilt...

You didn't care if your feet were injured because of the small rocks on the road, you didn't care if someone saw your bloody hands. You kept running. When you felt your legs were heavy, you turned to a small alley. You panted and you leaned on the wall and slowly fell to the ground. It was dark... everything's dark. You didn't feel like running again, your feet were wounded because of the small rocks.

And like the weather hated you, the rain poured down. It rinsed blood from your hand, you thanked for that. However, you didn't have anywhere to go. You had no friends, no family. Your step-uncle confined you in your house.. and you had been with him ever since you could remember.

"I'd better die here..." you whispered.

"Hey! What are you doing here?!"

~Someone else's POV~

I was walking home from my friend's house, Al. The rain was pouring heavily, good thing I brought my umbrella with me. When I walked, something caught me eyes, someone... someone was sitting on the ground, without an umbrella. And if my eyes were right that was a girl! "Oh my... What's she doing?" I quickened my pace and when I was close, I heard her mumbling something but I couldn't figure it out. I scanned her fast, she had beautiful (h/c) hair. "Hey! What are you doing here?!" I asked worriedly, but she seemed to be surprised with my voice. She jumped a bit. "I'm sorry for being so loud, but what are you doing here?"

She didn't move. I reached my hand to her shoulder and when my hand was this close, she dodged and was ready to run. "Wait, poppet!" I called her. She was running rather fast at first, but not even one minute, she slowed down and fell to the ground. "Oh no!" I ran to her and picked her up to my house.

~Normal POV~

You slowly but surely opened your eyes. You shut your eyes real quick when the sunlight hit your eyes. You then tried to open them again and now you were getting used to the sunlight. You looked at the ceiling then the whole room... they were painted pink and blue dominantly. Of course, the fluffy king bed sized you were in too. The blanket was blue, the pillows were pink and blue strips and the bed was pink. You wanted to get up but you could not. You would pain your feet when you moved, so you gave up and lied down in the bed. It had been years since you last relaxed in a bed like this. Your step-uncle never gave you the chance to sleep in bed. He treated you badly, but as a child who could not survive alone, you endured it.

You then saw on your left, on a small table was some mini figures of cupcakes. They were also mostly pink and blue and they looked delicious... Oh, had you been eaten last night? No, you hadn't. Remember? you were preparing for dinner when your uncle came and you ended killing him and ran away. The longer you looked at those figures, the more you wanted to eat. You were starving. 

Suddenly, the door was creaked opened. You whipped your head to the door and you saw a man, not too tall, but not too short. He had big eyebrows and pink blonde hair. He was wearing long sleeves pink shirt, purple vest, neon blue bow tie and light brown pants. He was bringing a first aid kit in his hand. When you locked eyes with him, he smiled widely. "Poppet, you're awake!"

He ran to your side and put the kit on the bed as he sat, "You fainted last night, so I brought you to my house. How are you feeling, poppet?"

You looked at him, scanned him for a second. He actually had freckles, but it was only obvious when you saw it really carefully and his eyes... they were blue with tint of pink. You thought they were wonderful. "Poppet?" he called again.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I-I'm feeling better, thank you."

"That's good! Now, I'm about to change your bandages," he said. He brought your feet on the blanket and changed the bandages. You winced a bit but you tried not to. After he finished, he stood and put the kit on the small table beside him. Then he sat again on the side of the bed and looked at you. You looked at him, you wanted to call him but, you didn't know him. He was a complete stranger to you. He also looked at you and like he was able to read your mind, he smiled, "Oh my, where's my manners... My name is Oliver. Oliver Kirkland. You?"

"I'm (name) (last name)..."

"(name)..." he repeated, "What a beautiful name."

You felt your cheeks hotter. It's the first time someone said that to you. When he wanted to ask you something else, your stomach growled. How embarrassing... You looked down, face red. "Oh, you must be hungry. Let's go to the kitchen. I'll cook you something."

He got up and walked to the door. You brought your feet to the floor and pressed it against the cold floor. You winced. It seemed that your wounds hadn't fully recovered. You could not walk with these feet. "Ah, Mr. Oliver..."

"Oliver's just fine, poppet. What's wrong?" he turned his body.

"It's just... I can't walk. My feet hurt."

He turned his gaze to your bandaged feet and approached you. "Oh, sorry, poppet. I forget. Here let me help you."

He picked you bridal style and went outside the room. You were surprised when he did that. You wanted to refuse but nothing you could do so you just stayed quiet until he set you down on a chair in his kitchen. You sat and folded your hand nicely on your lap. You looked around, his kitchen was so clean. He went to the shelf and took a bag of tea. Boil some water and poured it on a cup. "Here. Drink this while you wait your breakfast." You just nodded.

~time skip~

After breakfast, he asked you while washing the dishes, "Oh, poppet, where do you live? I think it's time for you to go home, your parents must be worried."

You froze like a statue, you did not want to go back for now, not at a time like this and you didn't want to go back to your step-uncle. If you went back, there was only jail waited for you. "I... I don't have parents..." you said. Oliver finished his washing and looked at you with sad face, "I'm sorry, love. Any family?"

You shook your head, hoping that he believed your lies. "Oh... Then you're welcomed here, poppet!! You can stay at my house."

You lifted your head quickly and saw that sweet childish smile of his. "R-really?"

"Of course! Follow me, I'll show your room!" he held your hand and led you upstairs. You passed some rooms and he finally stopped in front of a door, "You can use this room," he said as he opened the door. He switched on the lights and what you saw was another pink and purple room but it was softer and you liked it. "Wow... thank you..."

"Anytime! Now I have to go to my bakery, do you want to go along?"

"Um, no thank you. I prefer to stay at home, I want to get used to living here," again, you lied.

"Oh, okay then. I'll see you later."


He went outside and grabbed his things before going out to his bakery. And now, you were alone, but it was better. Oliver is so nice... I wonder if I deserve this... He's like a child and he's rather cute... you blushed at your own thought, why would you think about him? For a complete stranger, Oliver sure was really nice towards you. You hugged your legs as you thought and something annoyed you, "They still stink of blood..." you said as you looked at your hands. Good thing Oliver didn't ask you anything about the previous night and good thing he didn't notice the blood smell from your hand. Maybe he did, but he might think it was because of your injuries. "A bath won't hurt...."

~time skip~

Oliver opened the front door and shut it. He removed his boots and jackets then went to the kitchen, where he saw you.

"Welcome home, Oliver," you smiled at him.

He also smiled and he stared at what was in front of you, "You cook, poppet?"

"Yes, I want to do it for your... Is it okay?"

"Yes, of course! I'm so happy, poppet!"

"Alright, food's going to be ready soon."

"I'll set the table then."

He went to set the table, you chuckled at his behaviour. After dinner was finished, you both ate together. After eating, he offered you something, "Oh, before we clean up," he stood and took something from one of his bags and served it for you, "Do you mind a cupcake, poppet?"

You looked at him then down to the cupcake. It had blue frosting and was baked well. "I made it myself, I want you to try it."

"Yourself?? Wow..." You then looked at him again, he was staring at you expectantly. You gazed on the cupcake and took a bite of it, "Mmm~ It's so delicious, Oliver..."

"Glad you like it poppet."

You finished the cake and helped him clean up. Not long, you felt sleepy.

"You want to sleep now, poppet?"

You just nodded. "Okay then. Just go upstairs. I have something to do before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams~"

You nodded and went upstairs to your room, which was just opposite from Oliver's room. You threw yourself to the bed and began to drift to sleep.

~time skip~

It had been four days you stayed at Oliver's house. Your injuries had been healed, you could walk by yourself. You'd never gone out, so no one would know you were there. You were afraid that another family of yours, especially from you step uncle's bloodline would go to your house and found his corpse. Furthermore, they would definitely thought you were the killer and sought you throughout the city. It's just about time they found you.

On top of your dread, a layer of relief was there. Oliver was always there for you. He was nice, cheerful and kind. Were you really deserved his kindness? I think no... you thought. Therefore, tonight, you planned to go out from his house. To somewhere no one recognized you... somewhere far away. Tonight... I'll do it!

And so night came and like always, after dinner, you watched TV for awhile then went to your room. He always ent to bed later than you, but you didn't mind. You would go in the middle of the night, after he was asleep.

~time skip again~

You opened your eyes. You looked at the dark night outside, the moon was full and it shone brighter than usual. You brought your feet to the floor and tiptoed to the door. You opened the door as carefully as possible and as quiet as you could. You popped your head from the room, there was no one there. Good... You closed the door quietly and tiptoed to the front door. So far so good... you  reached the front door and everything went smooth until you got outside of his house.

However, when you turned you body, you saw someone. It was Oliver, and he's wide awake. Did he sleep?

"Now, now, poppet... A woman must not go outside in the middle of the night... It's dangerous." he smiled.

"Uh.. uh... I uh... I just... I just want some fresh air!" you said.

"No, no, no," he said, "Don't lie to me, poppet~ Just tell me the truth~"

His voice... it was sweet yet scary at the same time. You shivered and leaned on the door behind you. If what you saw was right, his blue eyes changed to swirls of blue and pink. One think you knew... you were scared.

"Come on~ Tell me~" he said softly as he made his way to you. 

Oh no... what should I tell him...? you thought. He was getting closer and closer until he made a cage besides you with his hands and asked again, "Would you please tell me, (name)~"

You could not stand it anymore you gave in... 

"... I..." you started but in a very small voice... You weren't brave enough to admit in front of him. Maybe it's the only way to get out of here...

"I... I'm... I am... a murderer.. Oliver..."

"Pardon me?" He looked with confused face. His blue and pink swirls were gone from his eyes.

You lifted your head and grabbed his arms to push them down, "I'm a murderer, Oliver. I just killed my uncle four days ago, and I suggest you to let me go before you get involve," you said in a stern voice. You succeeded in pushing his arms down and now he was taken a back by your words. "Thank you for all these days..." you said, almost whispering before you turned your body and started to walk away.

"Poppet, wait!"

Everything was ruined when you heard police cars from far. They were coming this way and they would be here in minutes. No, not even minutes, in seconds as they were now surrounding Oliver's house.


The police ordered you to  put your hands behind your head and bent as he pointed his gun to you. You, however, didn't want to be jailed, you were about to escape when Oliver suddenly walked pass you and said, "Well, well, sir, how about we settle things more quietly? Everyone is sleeping."

He kept walking until he got in front of the officers and handed them some cupcakes, "Care for cupcakes?" he said with his sweet tone. You, who were behind him, could not see his expression when he said that but you shivered just from his tone. The officers was perplexed and somehow they took the cupcakes and gave them small bites. As soon as they ate them, they collapsed to the ground, holding their neck or their heart, one by one.

You were shocked when you saw that, what did he do??

"Nice dream~" he said before he turned to see you and approached you. 

You looked at him as he got closer to you. When he did, he hugged you, "I won't let you go, poppet... I won't let anyone has you other than me... You're mine, poppet."

"But.. I'm a murderer, they'll search for me forever..." You looked at him and locked eyes with him.

"Easy, poppet. We'll go to a place where they will never find us~ and now I know why your hands stink of blood, but not yours."

"You knew?!"

"Of course, poppet. It stinks but I don't believe it's yours, and I was right. It doesn't match your beauty."

You blushed at his compliment... Well his compliment was pretty weird but that's enough. Now you also knew why you thought about him. You loved him. Not just because of his attitude towards you but all of him.

"I love you, (name). You're mine and mine only," he said, leaning his forehead against yours.

"I love you too, Oliver. Let us go..."

"To somewhere we can be at peace~"

My first 2P fanfiction... I wonder if I got him right. I love 2P England the most and I want to make fanfics of him.
My second fave is 2P Italy... maybe I'll do the same with him O_O

**edit: OwO 100 :+fav:s OMG! Love you all!! :heart:La la la la 

I don't own Hetalia
I don't own 2P!England or Oliver
I don't own you~
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